Automotive Fix It Yourself Car Doctors

Automotive Fix It Yourself Car Doctors are a special breed. They have a high sense of self-accomplishment. They take great pride in servicing their own vehicles. However, they are serious about safety.Below are some of the safety rules they adhere to:o Gas fumes are explosive and oil is flammable. Do not smoke around them. A car fire extinguisher close nearby is prudent.o Have a flat? Make sure and stop the car on a level road. Always put automatics in ‘park’ and stick shifts in reverse. Be alert if large trucks are speeding by while your car is jacked up. Sometimes an ‘air-current’ can bring them down.o Does your new car have a problem? Is it still under warranty? Well don’t try and fix it because you might void the warranty.o Be sensible about repairing your car. Simple basic repairs are okay. Heavy duty, more complex repairs you are not expected to tackle. Know before hand whether its possible that you may get in over your head.o Always have a safe place to put combustibles. Remember to put the cap back on when you are finished with them.o Protective clothing should be worn at all times. No matter how insignificant the job may be.Just a word about tools. If you borrow tools remember to give them back to their rightful owner. If you break someone else’s tool, replace it. It’s always best to have your own tools.Check all your tools to ensure they are in good working order. Don’t play or skylark with tools, they can be very dangerous.